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DIY: Valentine Card F-A-I-L


I read blogs and I find that I compare myself to their genius and then I start getting down on myself because I think there’s no way I could ever be that caliber of blogger/writer/diy-er/crafter/photographer. That’s an issue I’m working through *uhthankyouverymuch*. But I always find it refreshing when people share their mistakes because it’s a reminder that they are human.

I made these cute Valentine cards with stamps I carved out of rubber erasers.

As I was carving a basic heart, “o,” and “x” I got ambitious (and a little cocky) and decided to try something a little more advanced.

I managed to carve everything without chopping a leg off a letter or butcher the middle of the “A.”

I was feeling very accomplished until this…

I seriously did not think about what it would look like until I pulled the painted stamp off of the paper.

This was too funny not to share.

And I like making people laugh.

Feel free to laugh.

I sure did.

  • Maddy - You should never get down on yourself! Your blog is always full of beautiful photos, honest reflections and amazing DIY projects. You continue to hit it out of the park, even when you make mistake 🙂 ReplyCancel

  • Lesley - This post made me laugh! Yesterday's was great and I love the color choices but it's nice to see someone else who makes mistakes when crafting!! Have a great day. ReplyCancel

  • Emily - This gave me a laugh. I didn't even think about it as I looked at your pics that it would stamp backwards, so I would've been right there with you. Thanks for keeping it real! ReplyCancel

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