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DIY No-Sew Roman Shade – Pinterest FAIL

I’ve silently and diligently been working on decorating each of the kids’ rooms to make their space extra special to them. It’s a feat, you know. Figuring out how to decorate while still maintaining a level of baby-proofing for adventurous little two year olds. They seriously know how to find and get into the most random things in their own space!

Cason, being the more inquisitive one who doesn’t like to just snuggle in his bed, it’s taken some trial and error to figure out how I should decorate his room at this stage in life. No wall decorations within his reach because he’ll bang on them. No shelves at waist level, for he WILL climb them. And no blinds or curtains because he will bend them and pull on them.

So I thought a roman shade would be the perfect answer for his room. If he pulls it back to look outside, it won’t break too much or tumble down off the wall. But man, roman shades are expensive! So like any normal human in this day and age – I searched pinterest for a DIY solution. And voila! I found one! Not only that, they were 1) NO SEW, my bff and 2) using a current set of blinds. Perfect! So I got started!

This red curtain was something that we’ve never used in our current house, but would be perfect for Cason’s red, white, and gray room!

no sew roman shade fail_0000

I laid out the blinds on top of the curtain just like the directions told me to.

no sew roman shade fail_0001

This is what happens when you leave metal blinds within a toddler’s reach. This is almost all of the blinds in our house. Wooden blinds are on my never-ending list of home purchases.

no sew roman shade fail_0002

Next, I cut the ladder strings. Just like the instructions told me to.

no sew roman shade fail_0003

And left the thicker middle string in tact. Just like the instructions told me to.

no sew roman shade fail_0004

I took the caps off the metal bar at the end…

no sew roman shade fail_0005

And cut the string. Just like the instructions told me to.

no sew roman shade fail_0006

I then discarded the ladder strings. Just like the instructions told me to.

no sew roman shade fail_0007

Then I laid out the 3 main strings across the curtain…

no sew roman shade fail_0008

…then added the blinds (ones that weren’t mutilated) and measured them out on the curtain. Just like the instructions told me to.

no sew roman shade fail_0009

I hot glued the blind to the fabric then threaded the strings through the holes in the blind. Just like the instructions told me to.

no sew roman shade fail_0010

For some extra reinforcements, I used duct tape to hold the blinds on since this is going into a toddler’s room. The instructions didn’t tell me to do this, but I assume the author did not have children.

no sew roman shade fail_0011

I hot glued the edges over to fit the size of the window and voila!

A piece of crap, janky, ugly Pinterest fail.

no sew roman shade fail_0012

The cheap metal blinds can not handle the weight of the fabric and bend at the edge where the fabric meets the window. And the strings get caught and the shade doesn’t go up and down smoothly.

I spent an entire afternoon on this project. And because I’m all out of options at the moment, this lopsided, crappy roman shade is still hanging up in Cason’s room. One of these days maybe I’ll replace the blinds with dowl rods so the shape is more sturdy.

Or maybe I’ll just cave and buy an actual roman shade from an actual store that actually knows what it’s doing.

Until then I call this…

no sew roman shade pinterest fail

  • Nike - Thanks for trying this for me! I’ve seen those and thought, “There’s no way that’ll work,” as much as I’ve been tempted to try. Your efforts were not in vain. You’ve saved others from experiencing the same disappointment. 🙂 ReplyCancel

  • Macs - I love the idea that you considered to use an old material to the that project. Thank you for the inspiration. Please keep posting.ReplyCancel

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