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DIY – “Home Sweet Home” Map Cutout

This is probably one of the most improvised, off-the-cuff DIY projects I’ve done in my history of DIY projects. I found this empty frame in a closet and had a spot for it on a shelf in our living room. I also have a thing for maps so I set out to make a funky map project for this frame.

I found an old Texas map in the glove compartment of my car.

How old is this map?…I got it on a field trip to Austin in 4th grade. President Bush was governor then.

I traced an 11×14 rectangle using the glass from the frame. I put Houston in the lower right corner.

Regular scissors would work for this but I cut a few corners using my rotary cutter and fabric edge.

Next is the best trick you will ever learn for stenciling so pay close attention…

Print out the words from your computer using the fonts you like.

Turn them over and use a pencil to scribble along the edge of each letter.

This is what the back of you words will look like. I got lazy and just scribbled the whole word once I got to “sweet.”

Turn the words back over and place them where you would like them on the map.

Use your pencil and outline each letter. This transfers the lead you scribbled on the back, onto the map.

Stenciling GENIUS!

Use and Exacto knife and cut out your letters.

I used Elmers glue and brushed a light coat on the back of the map to place on my colored cardstock.

NOTE: Yes, the glue does wrinkle your paper and is hard to smooth out.

I chose a coral colored sheet of scrapbook paper and glued it to the back of the map.

I chose to paint “sweet” because it was a thinner cursive font.

And the last step, I simply used a piece of red felt I had laying around and cut out a heart and placed it over Houston.

And there you go…a quick piece of art!


Ps. If you’re reading this through a feed you should hop over to the actual site and see a few updates that I made to the blog design. It’s just a few small touches that make me happy. Plus, I made an image map for my social media buttons, people! I’m hard-core nerd now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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