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A DIY Guest+Story Book

As we were getting details together for C & G’s adoption celebration party, one detail that I really wanted recorded were the people who were there to help us celebrate. I wanted a creative way for the kids to someday look back and see all the people who loved them and cared about them and celebrated such a big moment in their lives. I didn’t want a big guest book where the first two pages get filled up and the last 50 remain empty. I didn’t want something hung on the wall since wall space is limited. I was at a loss until the week of their party.

Then in a moment of divine inspiration on Sunday night, I thought about turning the guest book into a story for the kids. So I pulled Aaron out of bed (he was so thrilled to do so *deadpan*), and had him help me write a short children’s story for the kids of how we adopted them and what Gotcha Day is all about. I stayed up until 3am last Sunday making these pages in photoshop because I was so excited. And when I get excited I get just a leeeeeeettle bit obsessive. MUST. FINISH. NOW.

And because I’m proud of the finished product, here are the pages for you to browse…


I made 6 pages (3 spreads) of blank pages for people to sign.


Voila! I wish I had done something like this for our wedding, like a love story book so I could go back and re-read our love story and see all of our guests’ signatures from the wedding.

If you’re interested in ordering your own, Mpix.com is a wonderful and affordable site. I’ve used their products for several years. I designed these pages myself in photoshop, but Mpix has tons of great templates you can use to create your own photo book!

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