{DIY} Dresser Hutch Turned Sofa Table/Shelf

I put on Facebook that I would be sharing a completed DIY project that involved blood, sweat, and power tools. Lots of sweat, a few power tools, and…okay okay…no blood. In April I previewed “the biggest project yet” and planned on turning this lovely 80’s dresser hutch into a faux fireplace mantle. After the reality set in and I realized my lack of carpentry skills I had to construct a new plan of attack for the little booger. I decided to make it a sofa table/shelf, a B.A. sofa table/shelf. That’s right, I planned on transforming this guy into a beautiful, useful apparatus. So with a power saw, crow bar, staple gun, and hammer…I went to work.

The first thing I did was take the mirror out followed by knocking out the two panels that were holding the shelves. Then I sawed a few boards to use as full-length shelves, added legs to get it off the ground, and followed that with some bead board backing and a few coats of white paint (after stripping the inch-thick polyurethane, of course). I was not confident going into this project but in the end I had the transformation I was looking for.



It fits perfectly behind the couch to give enough room for the walk way and fills up the wall like I had imagined.

Millie is wondering what the heck I’m doing. “And why are you taking pictures instead of throwing piggy across the room for me to chase?”


I had to use my flash so you’re not getting the best picture but I’m still pretty proud.

  • Adam Nyholt - That is a great idea! And you did a great job! ReplyCancel

  • Linda Bijeaux - You did an excellent job and the piece is absolutely beautiful. It looks great in the space. I also have a hutch
    that I plan on transforming. The bottom piece, which looks like a dresser, will become the vanity in the
    bathroom attached to our master bedroom. The top piece will become a faux fireplace with mantle, just like
    you started to do. I love the sofa table idea too, so if the first idea does not work out, I will transform it into
    a sofa table instead. Thanks for the great idea! ReplyCancel

  • Donna Sh - I have the exact same dresser hutch and I was looking for ways to repurpose it. Are there directions of how you accomplished this?ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - Oh man, no step-by-step directions. I kind of just MacGyvered the whole thing! ReplyCancel

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