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{DIY} Dining Table

Several months ago I got bored with our dining table (it cost us $50 before we got married) and I got the crazy idea to paint it robin’s egg blue. Yowza! When I asked Aaron if he would care if I painted it he said, “go ahead.” When I asked his opinion on the color he said, “Whatever you want. I trust you.”

Ladies, if you are ever lucky enough to find a man like that…GRAB HIM AND KEEP HIM!! 🙂

I didn’t do a step by step but here’s a before and after. It’s a big attention grabber when people walk in and we love it!

P.S. I was also going to paint the chairs but I got so overwhelmed with the paint stripping and working on our tiny second-story patio space that we just decided to go and get new chairs from Ikea. Ah, Ikea. You’ve saved my toosh so many times.

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