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DIY: Chalkboard + Yarn Calendar

In yesterday’s post where I showed you all our home office space, I promised that I would show you how I made this giant calendar with chalkboard paint and yarn. I use it as an editorial calendar but you could use it for whatever you need. Meal planning? Family schedules? Favorite shows? Or is it just me who plans out my weekly TV schedule?

This calendar is very handy, and it’s big enough that you can fit a ton of information in each square. I use different colored post-its to help differentiate writing topics but using different colored post-its for each family member (or meal, or prime time comedy) might be a functional idea.

For me, I was looking for a way to stay on top of my writing and blogging. I’ve printed out calendars and to-do lists but I never keep track of them. I needed something on my wall demanding me to get my writing projects done every time I looked at it. It also needed to be something that if plans changed, changing a calendar would be hassle-free. But I wanted it to be unique. So I thought it might be a fun experiment to use yarn. This idea was birthed from a desperate need to stay organized and the need to keep this project on the cheap side.  I already had everything in stock except for the board panel.

If you’re interested in doing something like this yourself, it’s fairly easy. The only challenge is making sure that your measurements make sense and that you keep them straight by using a level.

The supplies I used:

1. A panel of American oak bead board (For no particular reason. It was the cheapest panel-type apparatus I could find in the size I was looking for – only $8. Improvise on the panel or board you want to use…make it whatever fits your needs.)

2. Yarn

3. Scissors

4. Chalkboard paint (I used spray pain from Michaels)

5. Tape Measure

6. Pencil

7. Power Drill

8. 9/64 Drill Bit

9. Level


Here’s the front of the panel. It’s not really my thing.

So I just flipped it over and used the back. Again, this was the cheapest, biggest panel I could find. And no one is ever going to see the bead board part. Feel free to improvise and get creative in order to save those pennies!

I had to use a razor blade to get the sticker off.

Then I had to sand off the remaining paper and glue.

I sprayed with two coats of chalkboard spray paint (mine came from Michaels).

Figuring out the right measurements I wanted was the most arduous and time-consuming step of this project. If you are attempting to do this project I would love to help with this but the measurements really depend on what size you want your calendar to be. I can help by giving you my thought process:

  • For mine, the board was 4ft x 2ft&7.5″.
  • I wanted to leave enough room at the top of the calendar to mark the days and enough room on the side to write down ideas.
  • The top of the calendar is 4″ from the edge of the board.
  • The bottom and left side of the calendar are 1″ from the edge of the board.
  • That made the width of my calendar 39″ and the height 26.5″.
  • Divide the width by 7 for the days of the week which = 5.5 with a few mm to spare (Technically it’s 5.57 but I don’t do fractions. I round to the nearest quarter when it comes to millimeters)
  • Divide the height by 5 for the number of weeks you need which = 5.25 (Technically it’s 5.3. Again, I don’t do fractions. I’m not going to freak over millimeters.)

  • Start off by marking only your four corners with a pencil by measuring the distance from each side of the board that you want.
  • Then use a level and draw the outside square of your calendar.

I used a 9/64 drill bit to drill the spots where you will thread your yarn.

  • Make sure to use a level!!! I ended up drawing my lines across the board just to play it safe. The yarn would end up covering up the pencil marks.

I used a tiny allen wrench to push the yarn through the hole.

When you thread it through, you should have enough yarn to tie it in a knot on the back side of the panel.

When I got to the last step of threading the yarn, I weaved it through the strands I had already threaded and tied.

Just to jazz it up a little bit I delved into my scrapbooking brad collection and put brads in every hole on the outside perimeter of the calendar.

The final product!

Were those the most confusing instructions, ever? It’s so hard to explain the measurements. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted then I kept checking over and over again that I had everything right before I started drilling holes. But once that was done, it was a piece of cake drilling then threading the yarn.

I can’t even begin to explain how well this works for me. I love being able to switch around the post-it notes in order to play with different ideas. And if you look at all the post-its under my “Ideas” section, you see that I have a lot of them…and they just keep coming!

Thanks for checking out my new organizational toy. I hope you have the opportunity to try something similar yourself. If you do, please leave me a link so I can scope it out!

I just received a text today from my Granny asking if they can crash at our house for a weekend in a few weeks. I’ll be working frantically to get the guest room finished so it looks like the next stop on the house tour will be the guest room! Thanks for the little push, Granny!

  • Rachel - Look how crafty! Love it. I would def use mine to schedule my prime time comedies. It's getting out of control over here. ReplyCancel

  • Maddy - Wow!! That's incredible! I just spotted some of those paneled boards at Home Depot too!! Our office is the next project in our home redo, so I can't wait to get "crafty" 🙂 ReplyCancel

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