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{DIY} Bird Scrapbook Paper “Painting”

Okay, so I’m a little obsessed with AshelyAnnPhotography and her blog, Under the Sycamore. I love how she incorporates her DIY (Do It Yourself, for those who don’t know) projects and crafts into her blog along with her photography and stories about her personal life with her husband and four kids (all under the age of six! wow!). If you have never read her blog you should! She’s a great resource of information from crafts to photography and I’ve been swarmed with a giant to-do list of ideas I have gotten from her blog.

If I’m totally honest I have to say that she was my inspiration to throw in some of my projects that I’ve done into my photography blog in case there are some folks out there who like that kind of stuff. If you don’t then you can just ignore my project posts but you’ll be missing out. I’m a big get-in-there-with-your-hands kinda gal so I’m always looking for new projects to start. Now, whether or not they get finished is a completely different story! ha! But I try my best.

This first one I’d like to share with you is from the lovely AshleyAnn and her super-cute “bird painting.” The first time I saw this I immediately put it at the top of my project list! I’m kicking myself because I didn’t take step-by-step pictures of how I put it together so that’s something I’m going to work on in the future for all of you out there. BUT I did take before and after pictures so hopefully those make it a little worth your wild.

The 36X30 silver frame I was lucky enough to find at Hobby Lobby for a whopping 90% off. Now that IS exciting but it still cost so much originally that the discounted price cost me $20 – still quite a steal for such a nice frame. I had put it in our dining room above our buffet shelf several months ago with the plans of filling it with something. What I would fill it with, I had NO idea. I would have loved to paint the wall behind it to give it some color so to make the silver frame pop out. But apartment painting is no fun come moving time so I nixed that idea. That’s when I saw Ashley’s “bird painting” and thought I’d give it a try.

I found I found the 18×24 canvas at Big Lots for only $8. Total bargain, right?! I’ve been meaning to go back and pick up some more. The scrapbook paper I already had in my scrap supplies (avid scrapbooker here) along with the black acrylic paint for the branches I had in my paint supplies. All I did was cut the paper into leaf shapes and one in the shape of a bird. Then I drew the tree branches onto the canvas with a pencil. Be careful when you are doing this to not mess up because I found it really tough to completely erase pencil from canvas. Once I had the branches penciled in I glued the leaves and the bird down with good ‘ol Mod Podge…God’s glue…the best thing ever. Then I went over the branches with black acrylic paint and a paint brush and once that dried completely I covered the entire canvas with Mod Podge to seal everything in.

Then I got really wacky and though to myself that chicken wire would be kinda fun and funky so I picked up a roll of chicken wire from Home Depot along with a staple gun and a supply of staples. It’s funny because I told Aaron I had bought a staple gun and he goes, “A staple gun? Really? You’re probably never going to use it again.” Au contraire, my friend. I informed him that this is not the first time I have ever needed a staple gun since we got married over two years ago. It’s just the first time I decided to just give in and get one instead of finding something else I already had that might work. And the staple gun I bought that’s used for upholstering was only $8. A good investment, I say, for how many times I KNOW I’m going to be using it.

So I rolled out the chicken wire on the floor of our living room and stapled it to the back of the frame. This sounds easy but trust me, it’s a little tough. Oh, and note to self AND to you…wear gloves next time when working with chicken wire. My hands were scraped and sore for a few days. And be careful not to accidentally sit on it. It’s very pokey.

The last step was to mount the canvas onto the chicken wire. I stapled some scrapbooking ribbon onto the canvas (thanks handy new staple gun!) and used an ‘s’ hook to hang it onto the chicken wire. The first time I did this the canvas was really flimsy and I was afraid the ‘s’ hook wouldn’t hold the weight of it. So i cheated and stapled the canvas to the chicken wire to give it a little more support.

Voila! Now where our blank, blah canvas used to be is a cute little DIY project that is husband approved!

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