31 Days, Day 6: A little moment of rogue creativity (DIY Necklace)

This day 6 post is a little more light-hearted than previous posts. I was going to post it about a month ago, but thought it might be a good example of a little amount of rogue creativity. It’s not a great piece of art, but it’s an outward example of an inward itchiness I felt to think outside the box. Sure, this may be minuscule in the grand scheme of life’s contemplations, but it satisfied a small thirst for creativity in a routine season.

I don’t know what came over me, but I had the itch to make…make something. Anything. I felt like my days were changing diapers, rocking, feeding, talking to babies, and when they were asleep I was so tired that all I wanted to do was shut my eyes and kiss my pillow for 12 hours. I hadn’t been creative in months.

Then, in a sudden burst of nap time miraclery, the energy came over me – “this is the time to make something!” The thought of a necklace came to my mind. I hadn’t been to a craft store for supplies so I was forced to use what was on hand. A small example of our limitations pushing us into out-of-the-box thinking (read about that in Day 5). I had this cute string I got for the kids’ gotcha party and some felt balls that had fallen off a clutch that was given to me.

So I gathered my rogue supplies and I created out of my limitations…


A small project that seems trite in comparison with major issues in this world and in our lives. But for a moment, when I had the energy and a moment to come up for creative air, my limitations made me think rogue in a small way. And I think the result it pretty cute.




This is a part The Nester’s 31 Day challenge. To check out the other brave bloggers, visit here. To follow along with my 31 days challenge of Rogue Living, head over to my 31 Days page to read all the posts this month.

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