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Cheap and Easy DIY Poster Frame

Have you ever had a massive poster that you needed a frame for but didn’t want to fork out the dollars to get one? Enter this lovely DIY frame trick.

I LOVE maps. Like, it’s weird. Really weird. There is a map on the wall in most rooms of our house. No joke.

Recently I stopped in to Half Price Books to make some money on a box of old books we purged. Of course they suck you in to browse while you wait for the total. I swore that I wasn’t going to buy anything because MINIMALISM and I’ve purged my house and we don’t neeeeeeeed more things. But as summer approaches I thought about perusing through the preschool section to see if I miiiiiight find something to work on with the kids this summer. We are planning on homeschooling and I know my kids are still little so I let them play a lot at this stage to learn. BUT just to start introducing things to them, I wanted to see if I could find anything worthwhile. Of course their map-nerd mom couldn’t resist a massive 5’x4′ $9 dry erase map of the world because they will know geography, by golly. And I picked up some adorable and sturdy letter flash cards for $2. And don’t forget the book of worksheets that we’ll do for fun throughout the summer. And to top it all off, the guy at the register gave me a teacher discount when he found out I planned on homeschooling. Thanks, dude. And I only had to pay $2.50 after making a whopping $15 on a whole box of books. Heavens. They totally got me.

I knew I wanted to hang the map in the playroom so it would be front and center for them to stare at, study, and for us to learn with it. But with it being so massive I wasn’t sure how to hang it.

I rummaged through my scrap pile of wood and found a couple of boards to make something happen. I looked up how much they are at Home Depot…$1.05 each. So this frame project cost me less than $2.25. Holla!

If you pick up the wood at the store, they can cut it for you. I have a saw handy so I cut it myself, making it 2″ longer than the map to have 1″ extra on each side.

Roll out your poster face down and staple it to the back of the wood.

(Side tip: I didn’t care if the map got stapled but if you don’t want to put staples into your poster, you could totally do this by sandwiching the ends of your poster between two boards and binding them together with nuts and bolts. That way you don’t have to staple.)

Screw in a couple of D-rings to the back to be able to hang it.

And hang that sucker up.

Took me 3 minutes. And now we have art AND learning material in our playroom. Boom.

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