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C&G’s Nursery Bedroom

So now that the kids are almost a year old, I figured it was time to document and show you all how their room has looked for the first year of their lives. Taking pictures of this space has been on my to do list for…oh…almost a year. Very little has changed since everything found its place so it’s looked like this since we finished decorating.

In February some very sweet friends of mine blessed us by offering to paint their bedroom whatever I wanted. This was still in the hazy phase of having newborns in the house and I cried with such gratitude when she offered. I had always dreamed of decorating our kids’ nursery, but the reality of making that happen after such a quick placement was that I wouldn’t have the time and energy to decorate the way I wanted to. And my dream decor started with painting the walls. So seriously, I cried when she offered. She came over one Saturday and painted all the walls (Polar White by Behr), the ceiling (Bay Waves by Valspar), and painted high gloss white circles on the framed accent wall. When she was done it was such relief and I was so grateful!

Now everything you see in this room was shopped from my own home or was given to us!ย The only new things we bought were the crib sheets, curtain rods, and the prints for the walls. It’s a perfect example of living rogue because of limited resources. I could show you a before picture, but just picture an empty room with builder beige walls.

Here’s the kids’ little space…


I had every single one of these frames and items that I’ve collected over the years. The sewn names on the hoops were made by my friend Barbie. I have baby pictures of the kids and of Aaron and I. Clipped on the chicken wire fence are the baby socks from HOPE that you’re given on your first visit as a symbol of hope.


The canvas print of the shoes was something that I bought a long time ago when we first started trying to have a family.


This was the puzzle we put together as a fundraiser to raise money for our adoption funds. It has names on the back of everyone who donated any money to contribute to our fund.


Someone from our old church cut the kids’ names out of wood. I haven’t had a chance to paint them, but I really like the bare wood.

The sweet thing about their room is that it’s full of little momentos I’ve collected over the years of faith an belief that we would have babies. One of those sweet things is the egg carton on the shelf; I had just found out about my low ovarian reserve and my sweet friend Lesli cheered me up and filled up with candy this carton that says “Grade A Eggs.” So I kept it to put in our baby’s nursery someday, it meant so much.


These hand prints were my Mother’s Day gift from Aaron. He made the kids’ prints!


And there you have it! The kids’ room!



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