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Celebrating 5 Years!

Early last week Aaron and I sat in our booth at a restaurant enjoying our dinner, only a few days away from celebrating five years of marriage. We were reminiscing over memories from five great years and we started talking about the top things we think help us have a successful marriage. We discussed everything from completely honest communication, being intentional about connecting on a daily basis, speaking life to each other, being your spouse’s biggest fan, creating a non-judgemental environment, having healthy arguments, laughing together, and loving unconditionally. We have the best intentions to make another Marriage Bunker video in the near future where we talk about these topics. “Best intentions” are your clue words.

Our anniversary was this past Friday, July 12. It’s crazy how fast time flies the older you get. It seems just like yesterday we were merely babes and I could fit into a size 2 dress. ha!

We celebrated on our actual anniversary by going out to a fancy-schmancy dinner at Brenners on the Bayou. I used it as an opportunity to wear heels (I never do) and buy a new dress (twenty dolla at Express, yo!). However, after much debate I decided to forgo the Spanx and opted for comfort rather than feeling suffocated in a sausage casing.

The beauty about mine and Aaron’s relationship is that we are foodies and can completely understand and appreciate seriously good food to the point where we pause conversation during the course of our meal in order to completely enjoy what we are putting in our mouths. This was the case with my filet and Aaron’s ribeye. Possibly the best steaks that we have ever consumed. We sat in complete conversational silence while relishing in our steaks, making slight food-gasm sounds, and saying over and over, “Ohmuhgaw, this is the best steak I’ve ever had.” Polish it off with some carb-loaded au gratin potatoes and smoked mac and cheese, and this is the meal that will be served at every meal in heaven. Amen.

And an anniversary dinner wouldn’t be complete without a little dessert plate decoration…

Saturday, the day after our anniversary, Aaron had something special planned.

We planned our anniversary dinner back in March and even way back then, Aaron also informed me that the next day he was taking me out to eat again, just as a little after-anniversary date. I just said “okay” and didn’t think anything of it since Saturday nights are our out-to-eat nights anyway.

Let me start this story off by telling you that I LOVE surprises. Like, LOVELOVELOVE surprises. Only good ones of course. I love them so much that I’m actually expecting a surprise birthday party when I turn 30. Good news because Aaron and friends have 3 years to prepare. Bad news because I have to wait 3 years and I’m expecting it which doesn’t make it a surprise.

Anyway. I love surprises. Aaron knows this. He always does little things to surprise me, even if they are super-small because he knows I love even the small ones. So he kept our second dinner date location a surprise. He only told me the budget and that it was dressy casual. On the way he gave me hints, including that neither one of us have been there before. Even better because I LOVE trying new places!

We pulled up to Paulie’s and I was so excited because I pass this place ALL the time and am always curious to try it. Aaron didn’t know about my curiosity, but him picking this place is just evidence that we are we are in sync with each other. haha!

It’s the cutest little restaurant in town, situated on a corner off Westheimer, and received glowing reviews from all of our serious foodie friends. And after eating there, I definitely give it a thumbs up. It’s now on our restaurant rotation.

I was enjoying my pizza when Aaron said, “I really don’t feel like going home after this.”

“I don’t either. What do you want to do?” Thinking we would stop by Southside Espresso for some coffee.

“Well, since we’re already in town I booked a hotel room for us.”

I wish there was video of my reaction because I would have loved to play it for your right here. “WHAT?!” I excitedly hollered, grinning ear-to-ear, creating a small commotion in the restaurant.

“The hotel is reserved. I have a bag packed. And my pockets are full of your makeup because that was the only way I could sneak it out of the house before we left.”

I cracked up as he started pulling my makeup out of his pockets and placing it on the table. I finished my makeup right before we left the house to eat and when we got in the car to leave, Aaron “forgot something” and had to go back in the house to get it.

He planned everything months ago and had a step-by-step plan for every detail, including packing my outfit for church the next day, having my sister pick up Millie to babysit, packing all of my toiletries, and even nonchalantly asking me a few months ago, “Go through your ‘getting ready’ routine with me. I want to see how much trouble you go through as a woman to get ready.” I thought he was being sensitive when he asked me that and sat through my 10 minute moisturizing, conditioning, & makeup application lesson. Nope, he was just laying down his game plan and figuring out what he needed to pack for our surprise getaway.

We make the perfect pair; he’s the master at surprises and I’m completely clueless.

He even packed our favorite snacks and drinks! We had such a relaxing getaway just talking, sharing our hearts, and reinvigorating our vision for our dreams and our marriage.

Sunday morning we woke up, our hotel only one exit away from church. We usually go to the 8:30 service but opted for the later 11a service so we could sleep in and enjoy a buffet breakfast. During breakfast I told him I felt like I was on vacation.

“Good. That’s what I wanted.” he said.

Such a good man.

And we’ll be on an actual vacation to Destin in a week. So this was a great pre-vacation to our vacation.

I’m constantly in awe that The Lord brought us together.

I always say that Aaron is everything I never knew I needed. He has shown and taught me selflessness, how to choose to love, how to put your spouse before yourself, patience through his example, and has shown me what a great marriage should be like. I always tell him he was born to be a husband because he’s so dang good at it! He’s the simmer to my sass and challenges me every day to be the best person God has made me to be. I love this man so much & I’m so honored to live life with him!

Happy anniversary, sweetheart!

  • Rachael - That’s such a sweet way to celebrate đŸ™‚ You guys set a great example of a Godly marriage for all us young people out here!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - I LOLed about the make up. That’s ADORABLE.ReplyCancel

  • Renee Edwards Dotson - Oh my word… This is, like, the best blog ever. EVER. I can’t believe the story about the makeup… he should seriously teach a men’s class on how to make a woman fall in love with you all over again. You guys are just too cute. (And I totally agree with your decision about the Spanx, by the way…)ReplyCancel

  • Cindy Henderson Null - Oh my goodness Hannah I loved this! I felt like I had been to see a really good movie! You are a great writer and ya’ll are an awesome couple! I pray the Lord fills your life with happiness and many blessings! Happy Anniversary and yes it feels like just yesterday I watched you join your lives together!ReplyCancel

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