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How can we make this happen?

2014-10-03 10.21.21

I told you about my tree-less tree house reading nook I built in fifth grade. I’m proud to say that my rogue creativity dives deeper beyond that one incident. It’s been a life-long characteristic. I’ve been thinking like that my entire life. I’ve had ideas on what I wanted to create, but didn’t necessarily have the tools or knowledge to create it. I’ve tried some and succeeded. I’ve tried and a lot of times I’ve failed (hello? I could have ripped out my entire closet walls and plummeted to my death creating my reading nook). But what matters is that we try…

A rogue doesn’t think, “that can’t be done.” A rogue thinks, “How can we make this happen?”

But what’s interesting is that sometimes there are limitations on what we can do. So the “how can we make this happen?” quality makes an important aspect of creating. Whether the limitations are because it’s a skill we don’t have, or it’s money we don’t have, or it’s connections we don’t have…

I often find that it’s in my limitations where rogue thrives the most. I’m pushed out of my comfort zone. I’m forced to think outside the box.

Limitations can be so frustrating. But let’s flip that perspective; let’s view our limitations as a challenge. A challenge for the inner-rogue in us to create from a place that may seem restricting. And let’s learn to be thankful for our limitations. Because without them, we wouldn’t be pushed past our boundaries. Let’s make it our job to find the holes that make our goals possible and let’s rip through those holes to create a path toward our rogue vision.

What are some rogue goals you have where it only seems that you might be limited in what you can do?


  • Tabitha - Hey there–I love your perspective on limitations! God has been challenging me in this as we are in a season of homelessness. Adaptations, concessions and creativity are the name of our game!ReplyCancel

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