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Be Your Own Brave


I see him everyday, on his rollerblades, earbuds obviously blasting away some tune in his ears that makes him shake and shimmy as he rolls through the light at Montrose and Allen Parkway. The kind of dancing and shimmying I only do in the privacy of my own home.

This stranger is known as The Montrose Rollerblader and has a whole lot of shakin’ going on. You can watch a video about him here. Although, he doesn’t feel like a stranger. He’s become a Houston staple. For nearly two years I’ve been a witness to his rollerblade performances. I smile every time for the two minutes I’m able to watch him while I sit at the light. He’s bold. He’s graceful – like a professional ice skater, only on roller blades. It’s the kind of rollerblade dancing I wish I could have accomplished when I was ten and at the height of my rollerblading career.

This one particular day I was sitting at the red light, caught up in watching him twirl and shimmy. It wasn’t his dancing that caught my attention this day. It was his boldness. How he’s not afraid to strap on his rollerblades every day and move to the rhythm that is in his soul…all in the middle of a very busy intersection.

“I would love to get out and dance like that and not care what everyone thought.” I murmured to myself.

The light turned green and I watched as much as I could for that day’s performance. He was in my rear view mirror as I made my way home after a day’s work.

Again I thought, “He’s so bold and unashamed. He get’s out there and doesn’t care what people think.” And then I said something out loud that shocked me…

I wish I was as brave as he is.

As soon as those words came out of my mouth I stopped myself. There was no moment of contemplation. I identified that statement for the lie that it is and immediately found truth.

The truth?

We are all brave.


I may not be in the middle of a busy intersection dancing on rollerblades. But I know that I do things in my life that are considered brave to others. And those others do things in their lives that are brave to another group of people. And that group of people is brave in a way that speaks to another certain group. And then more brave people. And more brave people. And more brave people.

We are all brave in a certain way. We may know it. We may not. We may have to pray for courage. Or we may just live out our life.

Whether courage is a challenge for us, isn’t the point. The point is, our bravery is displayed when we show up to live each day and allow ourselves to be used to show bravery to another person. (would you like to tweet that?)

Showing up takes courage. And somehow, someway, that courage will speak to someone and help them be brave. You weren’t meant to be someone else’s brave. Be your own brave. You already are because your life is brave.

Now, let’s throw on some rollerblades and live it.



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  • Aunie - So cute. I watched the video and he's just adorable. I love when people love to inspire & encourage others… and they can do it in the simplest ways! We have a sign-shaker here in town and you always know you can find him by the mall. He's a staple! I love that you shared this. I'll have to look for him if I'm ever on your side of town! ReplyCancel

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