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Backyard Updates: The Deck, Patio, and Fire Pit

In my last post about our backyard updates, I showed you a few photos of the garden we’ve planted this spring. A garden isn’t the only update our backyard has seen. First, let me show you what our house looked like when we moved in back in 2010…



As you can see, our backyard was bare naked. And it’s been that way for over four years. Several times over the years, we’ve reached out to get quotes for laying a concrete slab and it was always way more than we expected so we didn’t move forward.

But back in August, Aaron’s uncle said that he could build us a deck in one weekend if we wanted. So we waited for the weather to be perfect and for all of our schedules to work out and on Easter weekend this year, Aaron, his uncle Bo, his dad, and his cousin installed our deck.

Friday afternoon they took about 4 hours installing the posts for our 2oft x 12ft deck. The kids and I watched from above in the air-conditioned second floor office.

2015-04-03 16.53.01

Friday night they let the post cement set and they got started early Saturday morning cutting wood and building.

2015-04-04 11.38.56IMG_0740IMG_0736

And there you have it. It took them about 5 hours on Saturday to complete. They made it look so easy!


We love it! There are still some minor details we have to build. Like a railing…since adventurous, dare-devil Cason likes to walk and walk and keep walking…right off the edge. A few times. Sooo….I’ve sketched some plans for a railing that we hope can get built soon. In the meantime, we’ve placed some boards along the edge to tell him “STOP. RIGHT. HERE.” So far, he’s gotten the memo, but a railing will look so much nicer.

We also need to seal the base with lattice to keep items and critters from getting stuck beneath the deck.

Then we’ll add some umbrellas to protect from the sun and some outdoor strand lighting to give it some ambiance.


Paver Patio

We kept the deck away from the house so it wouldn’t be a housing addition. So when you stepped outside, you would have to step onto the concrete 3×3 “patio” the builders installed, then the grass, then up onto the deck. My dad and I had the idea to create a little patio with pavers right before the deck. So we went to the store one Sunday afternoon and picked up enough pavers to lay a patio. It’s still a work in progress, but you get the idea…


We’ll move the step to the opposite side that leads to the yard. And we’ll build a bridge of sorts with the scrap wood we have left over that leads from the door to the deck and covers up the ugly concrete. This may be incredibly picky, but I don’t like that there are three different mediums/textures in this one space – concrete, pavers, and wood. I think it looks overwhelming. With the wooden walkway from the door to the deck, I think it will look much nicer and clean with only the pavers and wood.


Fire Pit

Right before New Years Eve, we found a link to this fire pit on Amazon for half off! We couldn’t pass it up! I had some extra landscaping stones laying around. So I placed them around the fire pit in the area we’re reserving as the fire pit corner of the backyard we hope to spruce up someday as well.


That’s a small glimpse into where our backyard is as of right now. I have a lot of dreams and ideas for this space that I’d love to share with you in the future. Right now, I’m trying to live in the moment to enjoy what we have. And as time and money allows, I’m excited to get it looking how I imagine it in my head. But most of all, I’m excited about all the fun times to be had here!

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