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A Backyard Paradise

The day before Halloween three and a half years ago, we moved into our home. It was the last empty house on our street in a new neighborhood. Because the builder was desperate to fill it, we bought it for an incredible price. So here we were, two years into marriage and into our first home – a brand new builder home.

We’ve always known how blessed we are to have such a great house as our first home.

Our house has been a blank canvas – ready for us to paint and create and make it ours. I moved quickly on decorating the inside once we were were moved in. Almost every room was painted in a matter of months. I was determined to work furiously to make our house a home as quickly as I could so we could have a cozy place to come home to.

With all of our attention on the inside, we neglected making the outside ours. Our backyard is empty with nothing but a 3×4 concrete slab and an awning that barely covers it. No trees. No flowers. And the sun makes itself home in the backyard for the entire day, only giving shade from the house in the morning and in the evening. So it’s hot in our backyard (and in our kitchen and dining room that faces the backyard!)


Now I stand at my kitchen sink and dream of the backyard that’s in my mind. One that has a covered awning, a deck or patio, flower pots, a play yard for the kids someday, an inflatable pool for us all to cool off in the scorching Houston summers. A table for us to eat dinner, and even an outdoor couch for us to cuddle and sip our coffee in the mornings.

But doing those things for our backyard just isn’t feasible right now. And I have to be okay with that.

So instead of groaning and whining about what I wish I had, every time I stand at my kitchen sink and see our empty backyard I say, “Thank you God for our beautiful backyard and for seeing the vision I have for it and for providing that for us.”

It can be silly to think that of all the issues we face in the world and the sacrifices we have to make to provide for our families, that I ache for a backyard paradise, when I should be thankful that I even have a home and a backyard.

But here’s the thing about God; he cares about even our smallest desires. And he wants to provide those for us. So every day I stand at my kitchen sink I’m taking a step of faith in saying “thank you” for something that seems impossible right now. But that “thank you” could possibly be moving mountains I don’t see right now. 


As a small step in faith I moved our old dining table-turned craft table outside so we can enjoy a little bit of our backyard. It’s an ordeal to move it every time we mow, but at least it’s there. Last night as the sun set, the shade from our neighboring houses was perfect and the breeze sweet as we ate our dinner out there as a family.

I’m believing that someday we’ll have our backyard paradise to enjoy these family dinners. And I’m choosing to thank Him for it in advance.


Is there a desire in your heart? God cares about even the smallest detail. Let’s start standing in faith and thanking God for those desires being answered, even though we’re still waiting on them.

  • Stephanie - Beautifully written, as always, and a timely reminder to always remain thankful.ReplyCancel

  • Nike - I think I’ll take up this challenge. Thank you for putting it out there. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Cydnee Green - Beautiful reminder Hannah. Sometimes when we go through hard things, it seems difficult to get our mind back where it used to be. Thank you for the gentle timely nudgeReplyCancel

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