An adoption update and an announcement

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I find the title of this post “Adoption Update” a little funny because I imagine you guys wondering, “What is there to update us on? We’ve seen the pictures of your kids!”


Well, of course you know that our babies are home but I realized I never filled you all in on how our adoption costs have worked out! And since so many of you have been such an instrumental part in helping us with the financial needs of our adoption, I thought it would be only fair to fill you in.

First, a recap: When we were matched with G&C we had only paid the first $3000 installment that we owed our agency. That check was due when we turned in our final paperwork. On paper we still owed another $22,000 before kids would be placed with us – $5000 due at the completion of our home study, $4000 due when you turn in your resume (dear birth mother letter), and $13000 due at placement (when a child is placed in your home).

Then our story happened and all that sort of got thrown out the window.

We actually had raised all but $4000 by the time the kids came home with us. So at placement on December 30th we were able to write a $18,000 check (holy cow!) and agreed with our agency to fulfill the remaining $4k over 2-3 months. The whole thing happened so fast that they showed us so much grace and were so easy and willing to work with us.

But on the same note, God totally provided for us through your faithful giving to be at the point where were so close to paying in full! Every single step to our children has been so God-written even down to the details of each penny given to us.

So in January we were able to turn in our final $4,000 check to the adoption agency!

To put that in perspective for you…from the beginning of September to mid-January we were able to raise $25,000 for our adoption.

Praise. The. Lord.

That’s something only God can do, folks.

So thank you to every single person who donated and contributed. I have a precious two-month old who just woke up from her nap early sitting in my lap who thanks you too. And her brother still asleep in his crib who thanks you.


So what now?

Well, the adoption isn’t finalized yet. We are still under supervision with our agency until we’re able to finalize (hopefully) in June. In Texas the law is that finalization can happen no less than six months and no more than twelve months after placement. The Readers Digest version of what that means is, you hire a lawyer to file all the proper paperwork with the state and go to court for you to go before a judge to make the adoption final. It’s official in our hearts now, but this will be official with the law.

Our lawyer fees will be between $3-$4000 dollars by the time we go to court. We’re saving our pennies but also plan to do some fun fundraisers in the future…including several giveaways here on the blog over the next couple of months

The first giveaway is coming up THIS week HERE on the blog! So make sure to come back on Thursday (and sooner too, if you like the usual blog schtick. ha!) and see what kind of goodies you can walk away with if you enter and win! They’re going to be worth it, I promise!


And because no blog post is complete without a photo…

Guess who helped me write this post?

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  • Elizabeth - Wow!! Wow!! What a HUGE miracle! And you know you'll get back about $13,000 with the adoption tax credit, right? So, since you'll finalize this year, when you do your 2014 taxes you'll show your adoption costs and you will get back ALL the money you paid in federal taxes this year, up to $13,000 (or something around there). If you only paid $6,500 (for example) in taxes all year, then you'll only get back $6,500 for 2014, but you'll get the other $6,500 on your taxes for 2015! And you can roll over that $13,000 for up to 3 years. 🙂! 🙂 That's one reason we're starting the process again, because with the tax credit, we can actually afford it with that help! We didn't really fully understand the tax credit until we actually did our taxes the year we finalized, but it was awesome! And actually, since you have adopted two kiddos, I kind of wonder if you could get more? That's just a thought though. So, don't quote me on that. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - We actually met with an accountant last week about our taxes! And that credit is going to be a huge blessing! ReplyCancel

  • Meg O. - Oh my goodness, that is just pure awe that God has worked so amazingly in your lives and that you had no difficulty with the financial part of this at all. Just blows my mind how good God is. I love reading/seeing all your updates with the babies, and I am horrible at commenting, but just know I am thinking about y'all and love to see all the photos of G&C!!ReplyCancel

  • Urban Wife - Wow, this is such an awesome testimony! God really does know how things will work out, even when we have doubts or think it's too crazy/impossible for Him. 🙂ReplyCancel

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