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BioMenu-Hannah3I’m Hannah and I’m so thankful you’re here reading my blog. I’m a creative soul, married to a hunk named Aaron and mom to twins, Cason and Gracie. We live in Houston where Aaron has his counseling practice and together we run astrongerknot.com.

Here on my blog I share my passion for creating, my family, minimalism, and simple living.

My desire is to live a fearless, creative, and simple life, free from the extraneous weight the world piles on us.

Whether that weight is from owning too much stuff, or weight from sickness, or weight from the sad things going on in the world…I want to live a life of faith and encourage you to do the same.

I’m a passionate story-teller. I’ve always dreamed of changing the world through my story-telling. I love telling stories through my words and through photos. Some days those stories are rip-roaring hilarious – like the time I went sailing and figured out God unmistakenly made me for land. I love sharing crazy stories about how I felt led to purge our belongings which led us to selling our house to pay off all our debt. Other days I’m telling these stories sobbing into a bowl of ice cream – like all the times Aaron and I tried our damnedest to make a person and it just wasn’t working. And other times, those stories are filled with happy endings – like the day that we adopted our twins.

I believe that all stories, the good ones and the ugly ones, have a purpose. And I’m passionate about telling them all so that someone out there will be encouraged to know their story matters too.

I love people. but I’m violently allergic to small talk. If you need me, I’ll be the introvert in the corner observing everyone else. Feel free to approach me and talk about the meaning of life or your hopes and dreams because those types of deep conversations are what energize me. Or we could also talk about coffee, any TV show that involves Tina Fey, Adele’s music, Broadway musicals, adoption, or Jesus.

New around these parts? Feel free to do a little blog stalking here. (It’s okay, we all do it)

DSC_0583You can also find me at A Stronger Knot and on Instagram (@hannahbunker) and YouTube.

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