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When I was in high school someone told me that my voice was going to be used to change the world. That statement corroborated the promise I had in my heart that my life would be used to make a difference. That’s why I’m here…on this planet and here on this blog.

I’m Hannah and I’m a difference-maker, a world-changer.

I try anyway.

I’m a writer. I have a dream in my heart to be an author. I’m slowly writing my first book based on my Waiting for Grace series here on my blog! I’m also a contributing writer for Dancing Upon Barren Land Christian infertility support ministry.

I don’t agree with the phrase, “Boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Because in 2006 an adorable young man named Aaron made a sweet pass at this four-eyed girl and we are now happily married. He’s a marriage and family counselor as well as my personal off-duty counselor. He is an absolute people person, he is always smiling, his joy is infectious, and he’s one of the wisest people I know. He’s also mighty fine.

We have one fur child – a miniature poodle named Millie Dillmount that I affectionately call, “Booger.”

Aaron and I have been trying to make people for longer than we would have preferred, to no avail. While infertility has been the greatest heartache we have ever faced, it’s also been the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s made me mom to my precious twin little miracles, Cason and Gracie, through the miracle of adoption.


I’m passionate about the subject of adoption as well as the subject of infertility. In addition to making me “Mom” to Cason and Gracie, my infertility journey has also given me the opportunity to minister to hurting women, my marriage is stronger than ever, and has brought my faith to a level that is unshakeable. It is proof that from the ashes, God can bring out a gem of beauty, heal grief, and mold and refine us into who he has made us to be. Even though I’m a mom through adoption and that has made my heart full, I’m still believing that we will have “belly babies” someday. I write about our infertility journey in a series called Waiting for Grace. And I’ve also written about our journey through adoption here. I’d love for you to read our story and hope that it encourages you to believe in God’s best and most beautiful plan for your story.

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I’m a deep thinker. A creative who gains energy from ideas and envisioning the future. I’m all about developing deep, meaningful relationships. I’m energized by getting to know the heart of an individual and cultivating meaningful relationships. One of my biggest goals in life is to show people that they are loved, that they have purpose, and that they are priceless. I want to see them through the eyes of Jesus.

I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my little space on the interwebs. I like to think of this space as my internet living room and I always want people to feel at home when they’re in my living room. My desire and my biggest goal is that you will leave this space feeling either encouraged, inspired, or full of joy. With my words, I want to breathe life into the lives of others.

I hope you like my blog.

New around these parts? Feel free to do a little blog stalking here. (It’s okay, we all do it)

Also, for your information…fancy coffee, writing, Apple gadgets, musical theatre, and quality time with friends…these are a few of my favorite things.

Best Of-faq

What adoption agency did you use?
Presbyterian Children’s Home and Services in Houston, TX. And I couldn’t give a more stellar review. They were incredible to work with.

I’d love to hire you to take my photo. Where can I get more info?
Head over to my photography website for more information on photo sessions. And of course, feel free to email me at any time with any questions about booking as session.

What camera equipment do you use?
Nikon D5000, 17-55mm f/2.8 and 35mm f/1.8 are my two favorite lenses.

How long have you been taking photos?
I took control of my dad’s SLR camera when I was 14 and have been an enthusiast since. I started taking photos professionally (aka, charging people money for my skills) in January 2010.

What photo editing software do you use?
I use Lightroom for workflow and my favorite presets are by VSCO. For everything else I use Photoshop. Some of my favorite actions are from The Coffeeshop Blog.

What blog photo software do you use to format all of your photos for your blog?
I use Blogstomp software to reduce my image size (for faster loading time), watermark all of my photos, and even make collages. All in one click of a button.

Do you use a blog template?
Yes, I use Prophoto 4. It’s fantastic and Prophoto’s customer service is the best!

But did you design your blog?
Yes, Prophoto allows you to completely customize your blog so everything you see here is designed by me.

So you do graphic design?
I have a very minimal knowledge of graphic design in the grand scheme of things and I do it for my own personal fun.

I’d love to start a blog. Do you have any advice?
You can read my I Heart Blogging series here where I hand out tons of advice on the world of blogging!

 Who takes your pictures?
I take all of my blog pictures unless otherwise noted. My profile pic on the sidebar is by Athena Rochelle Photography.

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    Natalia Guzman - Hannah!

    Please check out the following website. We want you to display your art at our outreach event~


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    Tess - OMG! My twin sister sent me your site and I am an instant fan. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful creativity!

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    MJ - Love this – just found your blog – God Bless You on your journey to be a Momma!! ReplyCancel

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