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every day_0000I’m Hannah and I’m so thankful you’re here reading my blog. I’m a Jesus-loving, creative soul, married to a hunk named Aaron and mom to twins. We live in Houston where Aaron runs his counseling practice and together we run A Stronger Knot.

Here on my blog I share my passion for creating, family, home, and simple living. My desire is to live a fearless and creative life in the time and space God has called me to.

I’m a land-loving city dweller who loves the big city. I have dreams of homesteading but would miss our routine drive through downtown and access to local, gourmet coffee shops at the ready. I love working outside, building something, growing something, tending something. But I’m also insanely happy walking through the streets of New York City and living in an apartment on the Upper West Side. I wish I could plop a farm with chickens, cows, and horses right smack next to downtown Houston and live with my foot teetering both sides of the line. I’m living my life working to balance my love between the two. Where we’ll end up, God only knows, so for this season, we’re suburbanites where I’m able to have the city at our disposal but a small backyard and home I can tend to.

I have severe anxiety and have battled with OCD my entire life. I used to be ashamed of these things, but as I’ve gotten older, as I share what and how I’ve dealt with these issues, I’ve realized I’m not alone. And that the comfort of allowing others to know they’re not alone is an incredible gift.

I’m a passionate story-teller. I’ve always dreamed of changing the world through my story-telling. I love telling stories through my words, through photos, and through video. I believe that all stories, the good ones and the ugly ones, have a purpose. And I’m passionate about telling them all so that someone out there will be encouraged to know they are not alone and that their story matters too.

I love people but I have a low tolerance for pretentiousness and I’m violently allergic to small talk; I’m not outgoing, but when it’s just you and me I ask the deep, hard questions quickly. However, in a crowd, I’m usually the introvert in the corner observing everyone else. Feel free to approach me and talk about the meaning of life or your hopes and dreams because those types of deep conversations are what energize me. Or we could also talk about coffee, HGTV, adoption, or Jesus.

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You can also find me at A Stronger Knot, on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

I created a short film documenting my two year journey with pulsatile tinnitus that eventually led to brain surgery. You can watch that here.

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