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Aaron Wrote a Book!

In 2007, newly engaged, Aaron and I nestled up to the lunch counter at Tiny Boxwoods, ordered a burger, and opened up a notebook to start dreaming about the book that we would write together some day. I dreamed of being a writer and Aaron wanted to write a book about marriage and relationships – Yes, even though we weren’t even married yet. At that point in life, we were planning a wedding, I had one more year of school, and he was nearing the end of his undergrad degree in psychology, hoping to continue on to his Masters in marriage and family therapy. We split the burger and lemonade as we bounced around ideas that I quickly jotted down between bites.

The ideas in that notebook eventually ended up under a pile of life’s to-dos: school, wedding, marriage, work, more school, debt, even more school, infertility, internships, building a business, adoption, parenting, work, bills…

…not that those are bad (except for the infertility and debt!); They are just the regular demands that life places on us that, if not held above water, we allow those dreams that were birthed at the lunch counter of Tiny Boxwoods to quietly slip to the bottom of life’s ocean beneath all of its demands.

And that’s what happened. For nine years.

Last September (2016), Aaron and I were sitting in Central Park on the last day of a trip to NYC. We were sneaking in a last cup of coffee, with a last walk, and last moment in the park surrounded by beautiful, tall city before we had to hop on a plane back to Houston. We sat on the park bench day dreaming just like we did all those years ago at the bar of Tiny Boxwoods.

“I wonder how many ideas were birthed while sitting in this park.” Aaron ruminated, gaze locked off in the distance.

I was busy setting up my camera for different shots because I wanted to vlog the beautiful fall day. But Aaron sat there, realizing this was his moment to birth an idea in Central Park. He was deeply moved and resolved beyond anything he could have conjured up himself. “I’m going to write a book,” he declared.

We came home from New York and he immediately went to work, focused and determined. He came up with the idea to take the family rules that we established in our family years ago, and write a chapter on each, applying them to marriage in Biblical, practical, and tangible ways with his years as a licensed counselor now under his belt. He made weekly writing goals. And met them. He would read the results to me from each writing session and I found myself with my jaw on the floor because what he was writing was SO. GOOD. And people needed to hear! As he was nearing the completion of the book he finished a book proposal and sent it to agents and publishers.

We found an awesome publishing partner, Lucid Books, that signed Aaron on after reading his proposal. The next step became the funding for editing and publishing, which is why Aaron just launched a Kickstarter for his book, A Stronger Knot.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter was fully funded!

Click on the video above to watch the promo video for the book, read all about it, check out the funding options, and prayerfully consider becoming an investor to help fund the book and get a copy of your own. We only have 30 days to reach our goal and we’re excited to share bits and pieces of the book over the next month because we know this book is going to change lives!

Now, as I sit here writing this post it’s fun to look back on those days sitting at the lunch bar at Tiny Boxwoods. I found that little pocket-sized notebook at the bottom of a box a few weeks ago, filled with all of my scribbled notes I took between hamburger bites…

“You are team mates.” I wrote in the margins.

I can think of very few things I’m honored to do more than cheer for my husband as he’s making one of his dreams come true.

Big things are ahead. I feel it.

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