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A White Mother’s Prayer for Her Black Son


Sitting here holding my boy while he rests on top of me. I soak in his smell, stare at his fingers and toes, and observe the details of his beautiful skin.

Truthfully I forget that we aren’t the same color. But I remember for his sake and the things he’ll have to face someday because of this evil, broken world. I don’t want to have to remember our differences because there should be NO difference. He’s my son, that’s it. End of story.

But sitting here holding him, tears start streaming down my face thinking of what he may face some day as a male person of color. I’ll never be able to understand those hard places because I’m a white female. But I understand there will be hard places and those hard places make me have to remember that we aren’t the same color. And it infuriates me. That those hard places force me to have to remember our differences in order to be a better parent to him. To prepare him as best as I can for what he may face in this broken world. There should be no racism. We are all the same, no matter our physical or cultural differences. The fact that anyone could look at my son or anyone else and see something less because of the color of his skin is pure evil.

For anyone who has experienced racism, I’m deeply sorry. My heart breaks. You are precious, created by a loving, magnificent creator and you deserved to be treated as so. Racism is evil, it is perverted, and it is disgusting. We are all the same and it grieves my heart that the world perverts God’s beauty in his creation of us.

Jesus, change the heart of those who embrace racism and prejudice. That’s a big prayer, but it’s a heart issue. And you’re the only one who can change hearts that are so deeply engrained with hate and prejudice. Do a miracle.

And walk with my son throughout his life to know that no matter what he may face, he is deeply and passionately loved by his family and by You. Give his father and I wisdom to teach him and walk with him through whatever he may face, even when we can’t understand. Remind him that he was divinely created for a plan and purpose. And that others’ opinion about the color of his skin doesn’t define who he is – that his identity is in You.


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