A Weekend Wedding

This weekend Aaron and I attended the wedding of some very dear friends of ours, Danette & Jay. Danette and I grew up together and became close when we were both in the theatre department in college. Jay was also a theatre major and he and Danette started dating six months before Aaron and I did. Their wedding this weekend was six years in the making and the fun was definitely a testament to the kind of celebration it was. I mean, six years…that’s a long time. I try to avoid statements like that but they’ve always been so great together that I’m glad they finally get to enjoyed married life.

For the few days before the wedding I thought about what I was going to wear for their big day and decided on a dress that’s been in my closet since the summer but had yet to be worn. I hadn’t taken this dress for a drive because it has an elastic band right under the bust that makes the little food pouch under my belly button stick out just enough that people might would ask, “how far along are you?” I want to be pregnant but I certainly don’t want to look like it without a growing nugget in my belly. When I bought the dress I thought it was so cute that I had to have it but vowed to invest in a pair of Spanx to flatten out the pudge.

Saturday before the wedding I finally decided to get some Spanx so I set out to the mall to buy a pair. My first mistake was pigging out beforehand at Olive Garden with a large helping of fettuccini alfredo, salad, and breadsticks. I did it backwards; lunch should have come after. I went into Spanx shopping already full and bloated.

Have you ever tried on Spanx? Holy crap. I tried on about ten different pairs and by the time I was to the last pair I was sweating and I couldn’t even pull the thing up because the rubber layer around the torso and thighs were sticking to me like glue. This is the reason you should wash your new clothes before you wear them…because of people like me. You know the feeling of sticking to a leather couch in a pair of shorts on the hottest day of the summer? It was like that. Not to mention, I had several misjudgments. There were some that were a size too small and if they happened to make it past my knees, I’m afraid that they pushed things around, inside and out, where they aren’t supposed to be. I may have even broken a rib.

When I finally found the pair I liked I looked like I just ran a marathon. I approached the check-out counter flustered and out of breath. Thankfully, I found a pair that weren’t too tight that I couldn’t breathe and weren’t too loose that they didn’t get the job done. I was even able to make a trip to the bathroom with no trouble during the reception….as if you needed to know that.

Over all, I’m now a fan of Spanx. But only for special occasions like a close friend’s wedding and the earthly orbit of Haley’s Comet.

Thanks, Renee, for grabbing this great shot of me and Aaron. It’s rare that I like a photo that I’m in.

And I took my fancy camera to get some shots. I got quite a few great ones including a totally hot one of their first married kiss. You heard me, H.O.T. haha! Those are coming up soon so look out!

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