A baby on the way!

We have been SO excited to share this news. I know I’ve teased you on social media about our big announcement.

Well, here it is.

November is Adoption Awareness Month. That’s one of the reasons we’ve waited until November 1st to share the news.

Because we would like you to be aware

It’s official…


We are OFFICIALLY adopting!

The train has left the station and is headed down the tracks at full force to our adopted babies. I feel like I’m telling you we’re pregnant! The time frame could potentially be the same. I’m hoping and believing that it will be. I’m claiming it.

We have an agency. We’ve turned in our application, we’re finishing our paperwork, we’ve been fingerprinted, we’ve taken our physicals and TB tests, we’ve had background checks, and are on the merry road toward a home study, and not long after that – approval to be on a wait list for a birthmother to potentially give us the honor to be the parents of her child.

The story up to this point is so God-written, Aaron and I have been DYING to tell you ALL about how we are able to be in this position to bring a child into our family through adoption.

I’m humbled to be a character in His story and I hope the story He’s written for us touches your heart.

Here we go…



It’s a long story how we have arrived at this point. I’m not going to be able to lay out every detail and emotion in this one post because it would turn into a novel. I plan on sharing a lot of the details for you in future posts, fill you in on the actual process of adoption as we go through it, and share where my (our) heart has been over the past year getting to this point. It started about a year ago when Aaron and I said “YES” to adoption. (Read that post HERE.)

People, hear me now…Amazing things happen when we say ‘YES’ to God in faith. Just keep reading…

Since we finished our adoption education class in February I’ll be honest and say at times I’ve been overwhelmed. Not by the adoption process and all the steps it takes to adopt a child (but yeah, a little of that too). I’ve been overwhelmed with not knowing which path we should take that would lead us to our children. This can be a sensitive subject, I’ve come to learn. Some people can be very opinionated about one way being the only right way to adopt. “Fostering is the only way!” “Adopt a newborn!” “Only adopt healthy babies!” “No, adopt from America!” “You should adopt a baby that looks just like you!” “Ethiopia is the way to go!”

But what I believe is the direction a family takes toward adopting a child is a calling placed on their lives and we should be there to support their adoption calling – whatever path that may be. And no child is worthy of being loved more than another because of the way they come into your life. Every child on this earth deserves to be loved – no matter where they come from.

For Aaron and I, we felt the route for us was either fostering-to-adopt or the domestic newborn/private agency route. Those were the two places that tugged at our hearts. But which path were we supposed to pursue? Since February, this is the question we have been praying about, and asking for direction and guidance.

Ultimately, we were brought to a place of peace in our waiting for direction. If there’s anything that our 4 year journey to parenthood has taught me, is to wait on God. Rest in His peace. His guidance. And take the next logical step by faith, even if that’s standing still for a moment to listen. I wish I could transplant that revelation from my heart to yours because it has been so invaluable in my life. It has been invaluable in waiting for direction in our adoption and I know will continue to fill my emotional and spiritual tank as we’re faced with more waiting throughout each step of this process.

That waiting time since February has been just as imperative as the actual calling! I could write a book on waiting! (Oh wait, I am!) In this time, God has really molded our hearts about adoption. The biggest revelation: Our adoption isn’t just for us to have a family; Us adopting is for a child to have a family.

That. Is. Our. Heartbeat.

My heart wants to love every single child in the foster system because my heart aches for them. Aches. But we had to be honest with ourselves (something I’ve learned a lot about in this process) and not base our choice off of just emotion. In my spirit I knew that fostering-to-adopt had to be a deep calling I wanted to be sure was ours because of the emotional toll I knew it would take on our hearts. The honest truth was, we realized the emotional toll we knew fostering-to-adopt would take on us, isn’t for this season of life that we are in. Even though we so want to love those children right now. And without even sharing that honesty with anyone else, a couple of close friends and mentors pointed out the same thought on their own. God puts wise friends in our lives for a reason. Listen to them. We realized that maybe someday our family may be led to foster, but not in this season.



This whole decision between fostering-to-adopt and a private adoption took place between February and August. In August, I felt this deep yearn to pray for our adoption. Have you ever had that? Like, stop life right now and get on your knees and get dirty in prayer? So I did.

Bam. Peace. “We’re supposed to adopt through a private agency.”

I don’t know any other way to describe this except resting in that peaceful place nestled between confidence and hope. I love/hate the phrase “God’s timing is perfect” because it’s cliche and can be a prick in the middle of deep hurt. But when it becomes revelation it lands you in the sweet nestled spot of God’s comfort.

This was the direction. This was the season to move. And it was in His timing.

Separately, Aaron felt the same peace, confident in this new direction. We weren’t talking to each other about it quite yet, just on our own settling it in our hearts. Separately (still without talking to each other – yet), we began taking our own small steps in faith. Aaron, being the penny counter of the family, began moving moneys around and labeled one of our accounts “adoption savings.” While me, being a girl, started pinning and nesting. For the first time, taking action felt peaceful and not forced.

Then, as if we had been communicating our hearts all along, it came out one Thursday night in August and in agreement we decided to move forward to find a private agency. We were ready to rock and roll in our hearts but our minds were somewhere else; The cost of this call scared the BUH-GEEZUS out of us! We knew it would be between 23-35 thousand dollars for us to bring our baby home. We got on our knees that night and reminded God of his word:

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. – Ephesians 3:20

The scripture hangs in our bathroom and the Word that we have tucked into our heart, fought a battle for us in the prayer we prayed as a couple this August Thursday night.

“We can afford to go as far as filling out the paperwork, God. And we’ll do it. But we need you to get us further.”



If you’ve just scanned all those words before this part, please stop and read this part of the story! You. Will. Get. Chills.

This story is about to take an Academy Award turn to the incredible. Listen…

The next night after our storm-the-gates-of-Heaven prayer, we went out with a couple.

The four of us sat at the table, a devoured plate of fajitas in the center of us, full bellies, and laughter ringing from our table throughout the restaurant. It was dinner with a couple, a quality time habit we like to feed since our relationships with people, dear friends and acquaintances, are treasures we hold close to our heart.

Someone had just made a “that’s what she said joke” and we all laughed. Then the laughter died and a moment of silence followed. The kind of silence that initiates a shift in the tone of the conversation. A tone that says “you better listen because someone’s heart is about to show.”

He leaned in, initiating the tone shift.

“We actually asked you and Hannah out tonight with ulterior motives.” He cleared his throat. “Last summer we felt the Lord tell us to start saving for adoption. We didn’t know why because we weren’t even sure if adoption was in our future. But we obeyed.”

His voice had a subtle quiver. His hands shook slightly. He pulled something from his lap and held it in his hands.

“We’ve wanted to do this for a while but we never felt it was the right time. But we feel now’s the time to give this to you. We felt the Lord tell us, ‘You haven’t been saving for your adoption. You’ve been saving for Hannah and Aaron’s adoption.”

The item was a check. He slid it to Aaron face down.

“We want to give this to you guys and hope it helps with your adoption.”

Aaron turned over the check….

$14,000. Fourteen-thousand dollars! To bring our baby home!

Shock. Stunned, I quipped with “Is that THREE zeros on that check?!?!”

I’m still in shock when I tell this story.

Aaron and I sat at the table, speechless, in shock, the words “thank you” seeming so simple for such an exchange. I made a joke about doing an interpretive dance as a way to express the word-less emotions of gratitude in my heart. He joked that the only thing they ask in return is to name our baby after him.

Humbly, they replied, “Don’t thank us. Thank God. That was never our money in the first place.”

You know what BLOWS me away? God knew our need and had the answer before we ever even said “Yes” to adoption. He was working out a plan before we even considered adoption.

Did you hear me, friend? I want this to encourage you in whatever situation you are going through right now…

God knew the solution to your problem before you ever even knew there would be an obstacle! (Would you like to tweet that?)

That revelation will kick fear’s butt if you let it!

We placed that money in our adoption savings and now we have more than half of what we need to bring our baby home.

Does that not BLOW you away?! God, through this donation, took us further-faster than we ever could in our strength and abilities. With that, we are lightyears closer to our baby than we have ever been.


If you’re asking, “What can I do to help bring Baby Bunker home?”

You’re incredible for asking!

Here are a few other ways you can be a part of our adoption story.

1) Prayer.

There is so much power in prayer. And we need LOTS of it. This can be rough journey so we’re preparing our heart for whatever may come and we would love for you to partner with us in prayer. Not only for us, but for our families, our baby, our agency, and also our future birth mom and our child’s birth family.

2) Follow along with our story by subscribing to my blog and sharing our story with your friends.

I’ve kept quiet up until now but now that the cat’s out of the bag, I’m really looking forward to writing more about the process and our emotions, and even giving a little education about how adoption works because so many people have asked me about the logistics. I’ve been journaling all year and some of that I hope to share with you.

So if you don’t want to miss anything you can feel free to subscribe to my blog posts HERE.

And/or if you’d like to only receive a once-a-month newsletter with some great digital freebies every month (as a way for me to say ‘thank you’ for allowing my blog into your inbox), you can sign up for that too. I’ll be posting so much more about our adoption process in the future and would love for you to be a part of our story! Follow THIS LINK if you would like to subscribe and check one or both subscription options, blog post (every published post) and/or newsletter (once a month).

3) Visit our Paypal link and consider making a donation.

Here’s the part that makes me feel really awkward but I also know if I’m not brave to put the bug in someone’s ear, I may have missed an opportunity. Aaron and I have set up a Paypal account to receive donations. If you feel led to donate to our adoption to help bring our little one home, I wouldn’t even know how to begin to thank you. Except to say “thank you” and potentially write you a limerick or a sonnet to express my gratitude. Every penny matters. Thank you to the moon and back for considering being a part of our story to bring our baby home.

Here’s the Paypal donations link.


Thank you SO much for reading along. You are a part of our story by doing so and what a beautiful God-written story I know it will be!

Oh, and to end on a fun note, you can also watch our adoption video!

(If you’re reading via email or RSS click here to watch the video)

THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL BUNCHES AND BUNCHES! <—I wrote that sentence in all caps so you know I meant it.

Let’s #bringbabybunkerhome!

Because it’s official when it has a hashtag.

Ps. I’ve made an adoption page that you can visit here: hannahbunker.com/adoption

  • Heidi Joe - Sweet Hannah…. This is such amazing news! I, too wrote the book on waiting, as you know. I know I've told you but I always think about how your words were one of the things that helped me through the waiting. It took us 7 years and one miscarriage to conceive our dream baby Elsie naturally. I'm sitting here in the middle of the night cradling her after a feeding and reading my blog feed, and I've been praying for you and Aaron and for your baby with goosebumps and tears! There Is an immense amount of His grace abounding and it is so palpable in the silence of my home tonight… I have no doubt in my mind that The Lord will move today in ways you never thought possible. It would be an honor to be a part of the Bring Baby Bunker Home party! Please count on a donation from our family and our continued prayers. ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - You comment is honey to my soul, Heidi. It's my calling in life to bring hope with the words I write and I'm humbled that those words have encouraged you. Thank you for your prayers and love. God is doing amazing things and I'm so excited to share this testimony of his love, provision, and grace.

      Ps. I need to make a special trip to Tulsa just to see you and give you a hug! ReplyCancel

  • Aaron - God is so good! I’m so excited. Thank you to everyone for helping us #bringbabybunkerhome ReplyCancel

  • Maureen - Congratulations! I am beyond thrillled for you both in your journey. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and found you in a time that I really needed you. We struggled for years with infertility and our adoption journey was a long road but just this September our prayers were answered with a beautiful baby boy who has truly made our dreams come true. My prayers are with you and please just remember that sometimes it may take awhile but try not to get discouraged as it is so with the wait! God bless you and thank you for being you! ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - Aww! Maureen! Congratulations on your baby boy! That makes my heart swell with joy! I'm celebrating with you!

      People keep asking me, "So when is this going to happen?" and it's odd to tell them that we don't know, but…we don't know. haha! I'd like to think that this waiting through infertility and the peace that I've received from that season has prepared me for the waiting ahead in the adoption journey, but honestly, I don't know what we'll face. I just know that God's grace is enough to get us through whatever and that He has a perfect plan.

      Thank you for your encouragement! ReplyCancel

  • Rachel - YAY HANNAH! Bought a shirt. Excited to follow your journey. (Also, you should consider making a few Christmas cards and selling them in your Etsy shop!) ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - Thank you for buying a shirt, Rachel! It touches my heart so much!

      And I'm planning on selling the freebies that I'll send out in my newsletter AFTER I send them out in the newsletter. I might have a Christmas card lined up for November's newsletter then will start selling next week. 😉 ReplyCancel

  • @DrDaltonSmith - I just love you Hannah!! So excited for you and Aaron. I will be sharing your story and fundraiser with everyone I know. Let's bring baby Bunker home! Count me in for a shirt for every member of my family. ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - THANK YOU Saundra! I'm so blessed to have met you through rewrite. Thank you for all the shares and for supporting by buying our shirt! ReplyCancel

  • susan smith - hannah i was so very deeply touched and felt the presence of God as i read your story i am very excited to help you in this beautiful journey. love and blessings! ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - It's my prayer for people to sense God's presence in our lives so that means a lot, Susan. Thank you! ReplyCancel

  • Jamie - Hannah, I have followed your blog and Instagram for a while now (maybe 2 years). I have thought about and prayed for you often and I am genuinely EXTATIC for you an your husband. Serious tears streaming down my face reading about what God can do and has done in your lives. And the “I’m a mom. And I’m going to do everything I can to bring my baby home.” sleyed me! You are an inspiration and an encouragement to so many people, some you don’t know. I’m continuing to pray for your little family and I’ll be buying a shirt ASAP. Saying “God is so good” feels like an understatement, but it’s true, He is! ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - Jamie, your sweet comment touched my heart so very much! So many words have felt like an understatement lately, but truly, God IS good! Thank you for reading and being a part of our story by doing so. It blesses me to know that the Lord is using this to encourage people. 🙂 ReplyCancel

  • Lesli - Love, love, love! Love the pics, love the story, love y’all. Most of all, I love our Heavenly Father who gives us our *****Supernatural Surprises!**** I will promote Bring Baby Bunker Home too!


    • hannah_bunker - Love you, Les. Thanks for everything you do and all that you are…and for praying Supernatural Surprises for us this year. That was a word, seester! ReplyCancel

  • Maddy - So excited for you! Keeping you and Aaron (and your soon-to-be child!) in my prayers! I’m rooting for you every step of the way! Xo ReplyCancel

  • AunieSauce - Oh this warms my heart so much to read this. Can't wait to see this journey as it unfolds and SUPPORT YOU! So over the moon thrilled for you both. ReplyCancel

  • Thoroughly Modern Mommy - Hello there! Kimberly Yates led me to your blog, and. I found myself nodding the whole time I read. We have very similar journeys! Our little Lily is four now, we got her when she was just twelve days old. And once we were approved, we had a baby in our home within five months! Gah! It was such a whirlwind! I'd love to order a tshirt when I can. And I'm doing a whole series on National Adoption Month on my blog, so I'll post it there. Congratulations! ~MindyReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - Aw, Kimberly is a sweetheart! I'm so glad she pointed you this way. What a precious story you have! I'm looking forward to reading your blog!

      Ps. I'm not sure if you got your blog name from the movie "Thoroughly Modern Millie" but I named my pup Millie after the character Millie Dillmount. So I really like your blog name. 😉 ReplyCancel

      • Thoroughly Modern Mommy - That is absolutely where I got it, yes 😉 I'm originally from Ohio. When we decided to move to NYC "Thoroughly Modern Mindy" became my handle for all things internet. So changing "Mindy" to "Mommy" seemed the next logical step for the blog name. A girl from Ohio who moved to the big city then through a lot of struggles became a Mom who is still a girl from Ohio yet part of the city…. You get the idea 🙂 ReplyCancel

  • Bekah Pogue - Crying tears of joy and rejoicing with you and Aaron over this news, God's timing… this baby that will both bless and be blessed in your family! God is good!!! I especially teared up at the news of your friend's generous gift… like sob into my coffee tears. Thank you for that! I'm supporting #bringbabybunkerhome … Happy tears to you both today! Content sigh… best news ever! ReplyCancel

  • Lecie - I have a confession to make. I prayed a long time ago, when I first learned of your struggles with infertility, that God would guide your hearts to adoption. I just knew in my heart that it was God’s way for you two. I am so beyond thrilled to hear that you guys are going to adopt! You two were made to be parents and God has put his plan for making that happen clearly in your lives! I can’t wait to hear more news as you two go through this journey. Going to order a tshirt and share this story! Love you both! ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - Thank you for praying that prayer, Lecie. Truly. It's become our heart. Thank you for your support. It means more than I could ever express. ReplyCancel

  • Guest - not to be a debbie downer but I think Ephesians is misspelled on your shirt design! ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - Oh. My. Gosh. THANK YOU! Several people looked at this before it was posted and no one caught it. Nothing has been printed so it's being fixed. THANK YOU! ReplyCancel

  • Urban Wife - I got chills reading through your story….congratulations!! I will definitely be praying, praying, praying that you guys continue to be blessed with the funds to bring your sweet baby home. I love the shirt design, by the way! ReplyCancel

  • kaseypowers - Overjoyed for you. Happy tears. God is great. ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Brown - Congrats my dear sweet friend. I am so thrilled to hear the wonderful news. You and Aaron are in my thoughts and prayers, and I will definitely share your story with my family and friends. You can count on my support!!ReplyCancel

  • Lalala - I'm REALLY happy for you guys! I've been following your blog for a while now and wish you the best of luck. ReplyCancel

  • Cherie Lowe - Radical generosity rocks. What a confirmation that God is knitting together an amazing story that is going to blow. your. mind!!! Can't wait to read the next chapter. ReplyCancel

    • hannah_bunker - Thanks, Cherie! It does rock, doesn't it? I can't wait to see the rest of this Ephesians 3:20 story play out. God is just SO good! ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - your story is beautiful. I am a birth mom with an open adoption. I would love to help any way I can with your story. adoption is truly a gift from God for ALL parties involved. it’s simply forming a different type of family. I believe whole-heartedly in adoption and the miracle it can be. please contact me if I can be of any assistance. ReplyCancel

  • Seo Jaipur - Count me in for a shirt for every member of my family.ReplyCancel

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  • Flor - Your story touched my heart , me and my husband are trying to adopt as well and God is so good ,he has been speaking to me loud and clear, from running into random people who have already adopted to reading this while scrolling thru pintrest! He is amazing and his timing is always perfect! I’ll be praying !ReplyCancel

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