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31 Days, Day 7: Rogue Profile – Lucille Ball

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If you’re surprised that I’m writing about Lucille Ball, well then my friend, we need to get to know each other better.

I’ve had a slight major obsession with Lucille Ball since childhood. She was my imaginary friend (weird). I hoped she would write letters to me during my sleep (weird x 2). I’ve read every book written about her (not too weird). I did a whole blog post tribute on what would have been her 100th birthday (weird and a little obsessed). I cried when I met fake Lucy at Universal (weird and sad). I could sit for an interview for an A&E biography on Lucille Ball without needing to prepare.

I’m a bit of a Lucille Ball historian, ifidosaysomuhself. Said in the smuggest of smug tones.

I’m proud about the weirdest of things.

But let’s talk about this lady, shall we? You’re probably like, “Why in the world is she a rogue?”

I’m so glad you asked, my friend, because I’m more than glad to trap you into an entire blog post on why Lucille Ball is a rogue inspiration to me.

Let me ask you this: Have you ever enjoyed a sitcom at any point in your life? Any sitcom? The Mary Tyler Moore Show? Taxi? Cheers? Frasier? Everybody Loves Raymond? Friends?

Well, you have Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz to thank for that.

A little history for ya…

Lucy was doing a radio show called My Favorite Husband in the late 1940s while at the same time, her husband, Desi Arnaz, was touring the country with his band. CBS wanted to turn the radio show into a television show. The two had the wild idea to create and star in the show together so they could spend time together in the same city and actually be a married couple. But CBS said no because she was ‘all-American’ and he was Cuban. They thought that the American public wouldn’t buy their marriage.

So you know what Lucy and Desi did? They created their own stage show and toured around the country to sold-out crowds who loved the duo. They proved CBS wrong, proving that Americans would indeed approve of their relationship. And CBS ate crow and contracted them to develop what is now one of the most recognizable shows in the history of the world (that’s not an exaggeration) – I Love Lucy.

I’ll stop there for now’s history lesson. But what I want to point out is that when The Man told Lucy and Desi that it couldn’t be done, they ignored that and said “yes it can.” And then they went out to prove it. How very Mickey and Judy of them, right? Or am I the only nerd who gets that reference?

The point is, they went rogue in order to prove to the people in charge what they believed would work. They believed in themselves. They believed in their goal. They took initiative to create something that would make a difference in opinions. And they succeeded.

Desi Arnaz was also the inventor of the 3 simultaneous camera this has become sitcom standard. That’s why I say that our modern-day sitcoms have I Love Lucy to thank for their existence. They are also the first television show to film on motion picture film in California in front of a live studio audience. Prior to that, all television shows were shot in New York City. They created their own production studio in order to finance the film production of their show, and that studio – Desilu – created some of the top shows in the 20th century – Star Trek, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and Mission Impossible to name a few.

So a couple of rogues who set out to reach a goal. And when they were told they couldn’t do it, they did it anyway. And that “anyway” ended up being the foundation of a huge majority of American television.

And I just told you all of that from my memory.

That’s the kind of Lucille Ball nerdery I’m talking about here. The kind that cries when she meets fake Lucy at Universal Studios – and she’s 26 when that happens. That’s whose blog you’re reading folks.

I’m awesome, I know.

And so is Lucy.



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